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A special note from Carmine & his family -


We hope you are all doing well and in good health.


As of Friday - September 4, 2020 Carmine's will be partnering with Break Time Billiards & Sports Bar (located next door to Carmine's) on a new collaborative restaurant design.


As many of you know, Carmine's Italian Restaurant is a family-run restaurant. As a family, we have come to the conclusion that we no longer wish to continue to expose ourselves to any more people than we are required to.


The COVID-19 numbers are not as low or as stable as all of us would have hoped by September.


Out of extreme concern for our family, Carmine's Italian Restaurant will now only serve Break Time Billiards & Sports Bar. By doing this, Carmine's staff will no longer have any direct contact with guests.


Carmine's and Break Time Billiards & Sports Bar have created a new and flavorful menu to be enjoyed at Break Time.

In the coming weeks, both locations will undergo several changes as the merge of two wonderful businesses begins.


We ask for your continued support and well wishes as we begin this new and exciting adventure and we look forward to serving you at Break Time Billiards & Sports Bar.


With love,


Carmine, Sarah, & Asia